High School Preparation

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High School Preparation (HSP) will provide students with the skills required to undertake secondary school education in Australia. Students will gain skills for English in the classroom, learn how to communicate in everyday English, and become familiar with Australian life and culture. This course will enhance students’ ability to study and live in a native English speaking environment.
  • Start studying at any time with new classes starting every week
  • Learn about Australian history, culture and lifestyle
  • Work one on one with our experienced and qualified teachers
  • Full-time support and guidance in all areas of study and life in Australia


 Start date Classes start every Monday
 Hours per  week 25 hours/week, 5 hours/day Monday – Friday
 Shift 9.00am – 2.45pm Monday – Friday
 Aim The High School Preparation course (HSP) has been designed with the goal of improving the capacity of the adolescent (16 to 18-year-old) learner to use the English language in both everyday and high-school-specific contexts.
 Levels HSP I (Elementary) 12 weeks
HSP II (Pre-intermediate) 13 weeks
HSP III (Intermediate) 12 weeks
HSP IV (Upper Intermediate) 13 weeks
 Components ENGLISH FOR SCHOOL LIFE: Students study a course specifically designed for secondary school teenage learners. They improve all macros, grammar and vocabulary whilst studying interesting & informative topics.KEY LEARNING AREAS: Students study the basic concepts & vocabulary for Australian high school subjects Maths, Science, Business Studies, Social Studies, English and PDHPEESL. EXTRAS: Extra skills work on vocabulary, grammar, listening, pronunciation, & media studies.
 Textbooks Students are given copies of the Life textbooks to use in the English for School Life class. Teachers use many different materials in the Key Learning Areas (KLA); there is no core textbook.
 Assessment TEXTBOOK test: Every Friday HSP I students do a 30-minute test based on the week’s work.JOURNAL test: Every Friday HSP II, III & IV students do a 40-minute writing test based on the week’s ESL Genre. HSP Assignment: Every two weeks HSP II, III & IV students complete a research assignment based on the KLA topics, which usually involves a report and an oral presentation.

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