General English

CRICOS Course Code : 078701D

General English is designed to focus on the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for basic everyday use through strengthening grammar skills and learning new vocabulary, genre study and conversation practice.
Commencement date Every Monday
Course duration Total of 92 weeks
Study: 12 to 72 weeks
Holiday Break: 20 weeks
Study load 20 hours per week
Delivery mode Face-to-face
Morning class schedule Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 2.45pm
Evening class schedule Monday – Friday 4.45pm – 9:00pm
Components THEME: Students study a different Theme each week (e.g. Food & Cooking) and improve their Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills by learning about and discussing the theme. STRUCTURES: Students study a different grammar structure each week (e.g. relative clauses) and use it to improve their Writing and Speaking skills. PRONUNCIATION: Students focus on different aspects of English pronunciation and improve their Speaking and also Listening skills by becoming familiar with different accents.
Assessment All classes do a quiz at the end of each unit to check that its content has been learned, and regular progress tests. Students who perform well in two progress tests may be promoted to the next level. Other tasks such as presentations in class may also contribute to assessment. Students receive a progress report with assessment scores and teacher feedback after each progress test.
Levels Beginner – 12 weeks
Elementary – 12 weeks
Pre-Intermediate – 12 weeks
Intermediate – 12 weeks
Upper-Intermediate – 12 weeks
Advanced – 12 weeks
Entry requirements There are no English language level or academic requirements for this course. *A placement test on Orientation Day so we can find the most suitable class for you.
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