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The Cambridge English Advanced exam is the widely recognised by universities, employers and governments around the world, for whom the certificate awarded on successful completion  constitutes evidence of a very advanced level of English (C1 on the CEFR) required in demanding academic and professional settings. Our Cambridge Advanced Preparation Course will both develop your English proficiency and familiarise you with test procedures and requirements. Our qualified and experienced teachers will give you the support you need to achieve the best possible test score and enhance your future prospects.
  • Prepare for the five separate exams: Use of English, Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.
  • Students must be assessed at an Upper Intermediate level of English in order to start the Cambridge Advanced program.
 Start date Classes start every fourth Monday ­– contact SCIC Marketing staff for intake dates
 Hours per week 20 hours/week
 Shifts Morning Shift: 9.00am – 2.45pm Monday–Thursday   Evening Shift: 4.45pm – 9:00pm Monday–Friday
 Aim The Cambridge English Advanced Preparation Course has been designed with the goal of preparing students already at an Upper Intermediate level for the Cambridge English Advanced Exam.
 Duration 12 weeks
 Components ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS: Students study one topic per week and learn the relevant vocabulary and complex grammar structures that they must master to perform well in the Cambridge English Advanced Exam. EXAM SKILLS: Each week students develop the skills required in each section of the Cambridge English Advanced Tests (Use of English, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking).
 Textbooks Students are given copies of the Cambridge English Advanced Result textbooks to use in class. Teachers use a wide range of supplementary materials and instructional media to provide additional language and test practice.
 Assessment Complete Cambridge English Advanced Practice Tests are conducted under realistic test conditions every four weeks. A writing task will be assessed every week. Students receive feedback on progress each week, and an in-depth progress report with assessment scores and teacher feedback every four weeks.

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