I currently teach General English: Elementary and Beginner levels in SCIC My Qualifications are Celta Certificate, Bachelor Of Design Degree UNSW, Bach of Economics U Sydney AWARD Certificate: Australian Writers & Art Directors. Greek High School Certificate. I started teaching: June 2016 I’ve been at SCIC since: November 2017. Permanent teaching position. I love working at SCIC because: The teachers are motivated, passionate and talented. Vibrant, fun school atmosphere. Positive work environment, created through easy social atmosphere amongst teachers, and great relationships between staff and students. Friendly and supportive administration and management. Outside the classroom I enjoy: A very active, sporty lifestyle, and competing regularly in ocean Surfski races. Outdoor adventure and extreme sports: I love ocean kayaking and rock climbing, running, hiking, ocean swimming. I’m also into great books, design and alternative music and movies. Guiding sea kayaking and rock-climbing expeditions.