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Now you can study English from the comfort of your own home with our passionate and professional teachers! Our programs are made for students thinking of improving their English for work, further study or opportunities overseas. The courses take you from your current English level to being ready to join any workplace or high-level educational institute.


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General English

Improve your everyday English language skills at a pace that suits you.Learn Practical, real-world English skills with the four core skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking).Exclusive Australian themed content to help you integrate into living abroad.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Learn how to write, speak and communicate in English for university or college. Improve your confidence and core academic skills for your next step in further education. With SCIC 40+ direct entry partners, we can help you enter universities and colleges in Australia, and give you the English and study skills you need to succeed.

About SCIC

Student Testimonial

“I had a wonderful time learning Academic English vocabulary and grammar. Aside from that, I've improved my presentation and writing skills. Everything is explained by teachers in a way that any student can understand easily. They encourage all students to participate, give the impression and feel of a face- to-face class. I had trouble managing time in the beginning due to the timezone difference, but I became used to it over time. Except that, I had no trouble at all, everyone is cooperative. From my experience, I recommend anyone looking for EAP course, enroll in SCIC; you will not be disappointed. They not only teach vocabulary and grammar, but also assist in the development of academic skills."
- Umer, Pakistan